Monday, February 7, 2011

The Craving For Something More

    I think we're all looking for something more, especially in this day and age. In this foul year of our Lord two thousand eleven, it's possible to talk to someone on the other side of the planet in the blink of the eye, and meet them the next day if you wish. Food is an issue only in the worst off social stratums. You can talk to almost any of your friends at anytime from anywhere thanks to the miracle of cellphones. Music is more expressive than ever, actors can ply their trade like never before, artists have digital means of expressing themselves that even the greatest of renaissance artists would have never dreamed of. We can develop complex social networks that encompass thousands thanks to webpages (which are a wonder even of themselves.) Yet, I can't help but to think that we're all reaching out for something more. It seems that everyone's looking for some type of great philosophical or theological meaning beyond the simple joy of existing. It makes me wonder what we're all looking for. After all, in a world where everything we have would be considered a miracle by our predecessors, what is left that could be considered truly amazing?